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Eden Cleanse

Eden Cleanse

Phase 3 Nutratecials

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Eden Cleanse was developed by Dr. Keith Henry, N.D., and it has proved very successful in his practice.

A sluggish bowel can retain pounds of old, toxic and poisonous fecal matter. Many times the real cause behind sickness and disease is this retention and re-absorption of this toxic waste.

The first step in everyone's health program should be stimulating, cleaning and toning all the elimination organs, and the bowel is the best place to begin.

Eden Cleanse Is a two part formula...

Formula # 1

Aloe leaf, Senna Leaves, Ginger, Red Pepper Cayenne, Sage Leaf, Cascara Sagrada aged Bark, Barberry Rootbark, Fennel Seed, Lobelia, Red Raspberry Leaves, Golden Seal, Pumpkin Seed, Rhubarb Root, Tumeric, Wormwood.

Apple Fruit Pectin, Bentonite Clay, Psyllium seed and husk, Slippery Elm Inner bark, Marshmallow root, Fennel seed Black Walnut Powder, Activated Charcoal, and Dandelion Leaf.

This is a two week cleanse and it is designed to allow the customer eat while  doing this particular cleanse. In fact, it works better while eating.

Join the many others who have benefited from this cleanse, order now.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Eden cleanse is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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