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2 Bottle Bundle Beard Oil For Men (Professional)

Phase 3 Wellness

  • $ 2500

Throughout the last several years the present day beard has been becoming incredibly popular. With many marketing and advertising campaigns such as "Movember" or "No Shave November" taking over the entire month November, even more, and more guys are allowing their facial hair grow.



 What Is Phase 3 Wellness (P3) Beard Oil?

We have tried to create the best Beard Oil on the market. With that said we have created an entire line of some of the absolute best  Beard Oils on the market. There are more in our beard oil line that will be added to this site soon along with the first amazing one available here on this page.

Though a large number of beard oil vendors will choose to use say three principal carrier oils, such as Sweet Almond, JoJoba Oil, and Grapeseed Oil. Our Proprietary Combination makes use of 9 various carrier oils which include:

Hempseed Oil: Helps Prevent Breakage

Grapeseed Oil: Protects Against Dryness

Pumpkinseed Oil: Encourages Facial Hair Growth

Argan Oil: Helps make Facial Hair Soft and Shiny

JoJoba Oil: Moisturizes Hair With No Residue

Vitamin E Oil: Greatly improves Brittle And Dry Hair

Apricot Oil: Aids 'Beardruff', Moisturizes Face Underneath The Beard

Avocado Oil: Helps Prevent Hair Loss

Sweet Almond Oil: Seals In Moisture & Promotes Hair Strength

Shown below are just a few of the benefits of this fantastic product:

1) Promotes Facial Hair Growth
2) Gets rid of itchy skin under the beard
3) Eliminates frizziness
4) Repair damaged facial hair
5) Produce a soft, healthy and smooth beard
6) Smell like a man

Grab Yours Now With Our Introductory Offer of 2 Bottles for just $25.00!

Your Beard Will Love You For It!

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