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Herbal Pain Formula

Herbal Pain Formula

Phase 3 Wellness

  • $ 2995

This amazing Herbal Pain Formula, developed and mixed personally by Dr. Keith Henry, N.D. was previously only available to those who has seen personally in his practice. Now he is making it availabe here!

This amazing Herbal Pain formula is available nowhere else. It can't be found in stores, or anywhere else on the internet. Dr. Henry still personally mixes the formula that is sold here. As a result, quantities are limited, and are sometimes not available.

The Herbal Pain Formula is a proprietary formula containing the following ingredients in capsules:


White Willow Bark

Stinging Nettle


Devil's Claw


Cayenne Pepper

This product has benefited many, and can more than likely benefit you.




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food And Drug Administration, and are not intended to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

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