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Assurance Membership Program Singles

Posted by Keith Henry on

Introducing the The Phase 3 Wellness Assurance Membership program! This program is designed to help our members get access to our services and products without having to pay full price! This helps you stay healthy for less!

What is this program and how does it operate?

In short we are offering an unbelivevable deal!

Quality alternative health information and services can be very expensive, and so we think that we have come up with a way to offer these high quality services at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost by offering access to our Assurance Membership Program!

We have three levels.

Single Person: $39.95 Monthly

Couples: $ 59.95 Monthly

Families: $99.00 Monthly.

Because this program is just starting out there are only 90 slots available, 30 slots in each membership category.Once the slots are filled the program will be closed, and no exceptions will be made. However, we will have a waiting list in the event someone drops out.


How Does It Work?

In short once you become a member, you get an incredible discount for any service that we offer...

And I mean an INCREDIBLE nothing you have seen before...See what we mean below!


Basic Naturopathic consultation-1 hour verbal consult concerning issue.- Non-Member: $175 – Member Cost- $35

Naturopathic Consult + Written Specialized Protocol *includes 2 follow-ups.

Non-Member: $450.00--Member Cost $50

Naturopathic Consult Upgrade Package includes everything above plus blood tests and saliva hormone tests and the first round of any recommended supplements or herbs: *Includes 4 Follow-ups:

Non-Member Cost $750.00- Member Cost $150.00

Naturopathic Longterm Package A includes issues that may require long-term consultations/recommendations and follow-ups in attempting to get the desired results. (For example a protocol to help strengthen fatigued adrenals may take 3 months to obtain the desired results, and could regularly cost anywhere from $2500-$5000 including blood test, saliva tests, and follow-ups.) However this program includes all of the benefits from the consult upgrade package above +10 follow-up visits, or until the desired results are reached whichever comes first.

Non-Member Cost $2,500- Member Cost $650.00

Members also receive 50% off of the list price of any herbs,supplements or any other product listed at the Phase 3 Wellness supplement store at this website.

There are many other benefits that we plan to bring into this program as we develop it.

All members will receive specific instructions on how to access the services upon membership, as well as the outline of how the program works.

So don't delay, sign up now... if you come back in the future and see any one of the programs that have been filled you will see the words in bold print ...MEMBERSHIP CURRENTLY CLOSED! Don't let that happen to you...

 Here is how to get started today.... Please read carefully and follow the steps as instructed below.

There is a $50.00 non-refundable sign-up/registration fee.

1) First Just pay $89.95 to cover your registration/signup fee+your first month membership fee below at the "Buy Now" Button.

2) Come back to this page after making payment above and click the subscribe button below, you will enter the information to subscribe to the program, and use the credit/debit card that your membership will be deducted from each month. Your card will not be charged at this time, but will be charged after 30 days as you have already paid for your first 30 days with your initial sign-up. You must do this now for your account to be activated.

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