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My Naturopath....Naturopathic Doctor Subscription Based Membership

Posted by Keith Henry on

                                     ***This OFFER Is Insane!***
My Naturopathic doctor subscription based membership service has reopened!
                               For $149 a month you receive the following...
1) Full Body Wellness Bio-Scans. I use Zyto Link Scan, Zyto Scan Elite, And Solex AO scan. These scans can be done in person or virtually from anywhere in the world. All Scans are included in this service, from the most basic to the most advanced! *MEMBERS NEVER PAY FOR A BIO WELLNESS SCAN*
                ****Never having to pay for a BioScan alone is worth the
                               more than the entirsubscripition price*** .......
                                               ***But There Is More***
2) Basic Naturopathic consultations: This includes consultations face to face or virtually via zoom, or by phone, from anywhere that you may live,,,,,INCLUDED in your subscripition...
3) Naturopathic Consultation + Written Specialized Protocol: This includes a written protocol based upon the issue/s discussed in our consultation. MEMBERS NEVER PAY FOR CONSULTATIONS!
                                             ***But There Is More***
Additionally, each member account receives 1 free bottle of their choice each quarter from Dr. Henry's Phase 3 Wellness growing product line of supplements.
So far these include...
Phase 3 Wellness Multivitamin
Phase 3 Wellness Emergency Immune
Phase 3 Wellness Blood Sugar Ultra
Phase 3 Wellness Gacinicia Cambogia Complex
Phase 3 Wellness Healthy Vision
Phase 3 Wellness Prostate Life
Want to purchase in between the time of your free bottel? Get it at a 50% discount.Also All members receive deep discounts (35%) on hundreds of other high quality and practitioner grade supplements, vitamins, etc.,and directions and suggestions on how to use them from me.
                                     ***BUT THERE IS MORE***
*** 50% Off specific handmixed formulations by Dr. Keith Henry like...
                                      Amazing "Eden Cleanse"***
                                         Awesome "Pain Formula"
                                    "Platinum Tumeric Formulation"
Plus other unique formulations ONLY available from Phase 3 Wellness, personally formulated and handmixed by me.
                                             ***But There Is More***
 Although the Wellness Bio Scans provide me an IMMENSE amount of information, it MAY be a time that we may need to order some other test of some sort....( i,e, saliva test) IF NECESSARY you will get my discount for your test. In other words, It will only cost you what I pay and not the retail cost....some time this is significant...sometimes not so much...
The first time I started this program ( a few years) there were those that got in early, and over the years we have added more and more benefits,and although the subscripition price has gone up, their fee never has. Once you are in your cost does not go up, even as we add more benefits.
***Finally the limitations.....1) Only so many slots are available. 2) Once those are taken up the membership will close again.
                                        CLICK HERE To Sign Up Now

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