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The "My Naturopath" Phase 3 Wellness Assurance Membership...Open Now!!

Posted by Keith Henry on

When the coronavirus exploded upon the world there was essentially nothing offered as a solution... The solution was to wait on the development of a vaccine. As a result many people began to search out holistic or natural solutions. Additionally, many people found these solutions to be extremely helpful! Thus, the extreme value of a holistic or naturopathic approach can be seen even in life-threatening circumstances.

 "My Naturopath Phase 3 Wellness Assurance Membership Program!"

Quality alternative health information and services can be very expensive, and so we think that we have come up with a way to offer these high-quality services at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost by offering access to the... "My Naturopath Phase 3 Wellness Assurance Membership Program!"



The "My Naturopath" Phase 3 Wellness Assurance Membership Program is a three-tier program developed by naturopath Dr. Keith Henry There is a tier for singles, a tier for couples, and a tier for families.

How Does It Work?

In short, once you become a member, you get an incredible discount for any Health or Wellness service or product that  we offer...

Example Services:

(Example 1)-Basic Naturopathic consultation- One hour verbal consultation addressing any health concern.

 Non-Member Cost: $175 

 Member Cost- $50.00



(Example 2) Naturopathic Consultation + Written Specialized Protocol for a specific health issue *includes 3 follow-ups.

Non-Member: $450.00--

Member Cost $97.00




(Example 3) Naturopathic Consult Upgrade Package includes everything above plus blood tests and saliva hormone test and the first round of any recommended supplements or herbs: *Includes 4 Follow-ups:

Non-Member Cost $1500.00

Member Cost $500.00  


All members receive deep discounts on hundreds of high quality and practitioner grade supplements, and direction and suggestions on how to use them.

Additionally, each member account receives 1 free bottle of their choice each quarter from Dr. Henry's Phase 3 Wellness growing product line of supplements HERE. and a 50% discount otherwise.


          ***There are additional benefits that are planned for the members.***

                *** Limited Slots Available... Will Close When Slots Are Taken***

   *** 50% Off specific handmixed formulations  by Dr. Keith Henry like...

                                 Amazing "Eden Cleanse".

                                 Awesome "Pain Formula"

                              "Platinum Tumeric Formulation"

        Plus other unique formulations ONLY available from Phase 3 Wellness!

                                What's The  Cost For All Of This?

  As pointed out above there are  3 Tiers SIngle, Couples, and Families up to four members!

                          Singles: $60.00 Monthly- Click To Join Now!

                          Couples: $120.00 Monthly- Click To Join Now

                  Family Up To 4 Members $250.00 Monthly- Click To  Join Now

Dr. Henry will still take non-member cases, but they will be at the full price for all services.

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