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Wellness BioScan Offered By Phase 3 Wellness

Posted by Keith Henry on

What Is A Wellness Bio Scan?

Generally, a bioscan consists of scanning the body for stressors, and then scanning balancers to determine the top items that will bring the most stressors back into range, or balance.


Phase 3 Wellness uses Zyto technology to do this.

Zyto is a technology company that produces health related software and equipment to facilitate decision making about healthcare and wellness. ZYTO technology is based on the body's ability to respond to subtle stimuli. Using the body's natural energetic field, a communication link is established between the patient or client and the computer via the ZYTO hand cradle. Through this connection, ZYTO sends stimuli and then records the body's response. This conversation is called biocommunication, and it provides insights into health and wellness.  

How does it work?

Electrical currents run throughout the body. Your body is energetically connected and constantly in communication with itself. The primary function of this communication is to maintain overall health and functinality. Bio-communication between your body and ZYTO software takes advantage of this and is a breakthrough method for 'listening to' and 'communicating with' your body. In the most basic terms, ZYTO technology uses quantum physics as well as established Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology to measure fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin.


The ZYTO Scan- How It Works - YouTube

Scan Report

An easy-to-read report is generated and helps us to assist you as you make choices to maintain overall health and wellness decisions.

Available Bio Scans From Phase 3 Wellness:
Basic Bio Scan, Lifestyle Bio Scan, Balance Bio Scan,Immunity Bio Scan,
Digestion Bio Scan, Foods Bio Scan,Advanced Bio Scan,The New 30 Second Wellness Bio Scan Via Phone App. Scan Packages work best to help you make decisions about your wellness that you may have never thought of.
How Accurate Are These Scans?
Notwithstanding the thousands and thousands of scans conducted by practitioners all over the world that can attest to its accuracy, one pilot study from China really stands out. The study, "Remote Health Assessment Using a Frequency-Based GSR Stress Bio- Survey Technology – A Pilot Study in China"  HERE .
         ZYTO hand cradle with blue and white background
In this Pilot Study the researchers measured 200 Beijing residents, 140 males and 60 females, ages 22-70 years old. Each subject underwent a 2 day physical exam and then a 4 minute ZYTO scan. Results were compared.The China study findings resulted in an 87% accuracy rate for the ZYTO scan when compared to 48 hours of physical examinations! That's huge considering the number of different physical tests that were done compared to ZYTO's 4 minute scan! Eighty seven percent is quite high, but it's not 100%. However, many people don't realize that most if not all of the most popular traditional tests that they rely on are not 100% accurate. Reach out to us to get your Bio scan started right away!

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