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New Wellness Bio-Scan Zyto Technology Available from Phase 3 Wellness

Posted by Keith Henry on

We have just added a phenemonal addition to our  Wellness Bio-Scan Services.   We have added another element to our ability to do virtual scans. Although we still do several scans with the Zyto hand crandle mentioned in our Wellness Bio-Scan Services, including vrtual scans where we actually mail the handcradle (scanning device) to you if you can't come to us; we have also now included Zyto Link, where we can conduct a very in depth scan with the Zyto Link app, no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection and either a Apple or Android phone and it only takes 30 seconds!


The ZYTO Link app combines leading-edge health assessment technology with ZYTO’s proprietary scanning process. The result is a fast, accurate wellness scan that provides a wealth of information, including top essential oils and supplements the body prefers.

 What's The Process?

ZYTO Link utilizes a technology known as transdermal optical imaging (TOI) to gather key information about your health and wellness. TOI uses your smartphone camera to detect and analyze the blood-flow patterns in your face. (no image or video of you is saved or stored).

 ZYTO Link measures a variety of health and wellness indicators based on facial blood-flow analysis:


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